The right wing player of Liverpool and the main reason for the team to be in the semi finals of the Champions League is one and only Mohamed Salah, who is a true inspiration in all aspects. We all know about his high energy and speed on the field that makes him the man of the match; he recently won the 2017-18 PFA Player of the Year, making his team and fans proud. But you don’t get those skills easily; you need to work hard to achieve that. Football players need a mixture of speed, quality, skill and energy to make progress on the field and that involves a lot of your opportunity within the Recreation Centre. To coach right, soccer players should hit a spread of zones, and the star Mo Salah has worked his schedule quiet tight to achieve that. Check out the secret of Mo Salah’s fit life!

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Mohamed Salah’s Routine

(Before beginning, I ceaselessly advise completing a right tune-up comprising of dynamic extending to incite the muscles to warm up and running; and moreover, persistently practice with a partner.)

Mo Salah’s workout routine consists three days of weight lifting, abdominal area, bring down the body and full body/ dangerousness, some time or another of Plyometrics and one more day for speed.


Mohamed Salah exercise DAY 1 = Upper Body Strength

Level/Incline Bench Press: 5 sets/ 8-10 reps

Clean and Press/Seated Military Press and Shrugs: 5 sets/ 8-10 reps

Bowed Barbell Row/Seated Row: 5 sets/ 8-10 reps

Discretionary Weighted Chins: 2 sets/ 6-8 reps

Discretionary Weighted Dips: 2 sets/ 6-8 reps

Full body Static Stretch Stretching: 5-10 minutes


Mohamed Salah exercise DAY 2 = Lower Body Strength

Leg Press: 3 sets/ 8-10 reps

Leg Curl: 3 sets/ 8-10 reps

Dead lift: 5 sets/ 8-10 reps

Front/ Back/ Box Squat: 5 sets/ 8-10 reps

Discretionary High Rep Lunges: 2 sets/ 15-25/ leg

Full Body Static Stretching: 5-10 minutes


Mohamed Salah exercise DAY 3 = Technique

Full Body Dynamic Stretching: 5-10 minutes

Position - Specific Drills

Full-Body Static Stretching: 5-10 minutes


Mohamed Salah exercise DAY 4 = Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, Power, Explosiveness

Full-Body Dynamic Stretching: 5-10 minutes

Weighted Sled Sprints: 5 x 20-30 yards

Extemporized Agility Course

Chest Toss: 5 x 5-10

Box Jumps: 5 x 10-20

Bounce Squats: 5 x 5-20

Applaud Push-ups: 5x 5-10


Mohamed Salah exercise DAY 5 = Rest

40-an hour of HIIT, Running, bicycling, Swimming and so forth


Mohamed Salah - How he prepares for the big day!


He endeavours to get no less than eight hours of rest a night, in addition to an hour or two toward the evening. To do your best in preparing, eight hours is fine, according to him. He says. “You don't return home until 12 and can't rest until around four. At that point, you're drained the following day and you can feel it in your performance. “


He generally jumps at the chance to picture the game the prior night: he'll ask the kit-man what pack they are wearing, so he can imagine it. It's something he generally does since he was a young man. He says, “It prepares your brain for the circumstances that may happen the next day. “


The night before the match he has a meal of chicken, pasta, fish all the ordinary stuff we would anticipate that footballers would eat. In the event that it's an early commence, so they attempt and stock up the prior night as much as they can, in light of the fact that they clearly can't eat excessively toward the beginning of the day.

The last hour

He grabs a caffeinated savour in the changing area 40 minutes before commence and after that goes out for the warm-up, which endures about 30 minutes. Around 10 minutes before the match begins, they're back in the changing area, they put their shirt on, shin-pads on, and afterwards go and commence. He says, “That hour is okay, however, the hour prior to that is more terrible, where you're sitting exhausted and you just need the game to begin. I simply attempt and remain as casual as conceivable by doing something to take my mind off the game.”

Woah! That’s so great and commendable of him. This sure gave us a small inspiration and balance on how we should work on things accordingly, right? We all are now just waiting for the results; so, let’s just grab the popcorns and our favourite corners.


-Written by-

Shivani Sharma